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Dukascoin - cryptocurrency from Dukascopy is now available

Dukascoin - cryptocurrency from Dukascopy is now available

created Paweł Mosionek4 March 2019

Forex ECN Broker, Dukascopy, introduced its own cryptocurrency to the market. About such plans we have already informed you in November last year. Now, after accepting the issue by the Finnish supervision of FINMA, the plans have become a fact. Thus, Dukascoin, because this is the name of the coin, is the first cryptocurrency released in history by an adjustable Swiss bank.

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The symbol chosen for Dukascoin is DUK +. By opening an MCA account at Dukascopy, each new customer will receive 5 coins DUK + for start. To date, thousands of MCA accounts have been opened over 45 and issued 23610 monet. A limited number of coins will be released.

Initially, the "issue" price was 1 EUR per piece. Only a moment later, the rate fell down by 50%. However, since then, Dukascoin has gone straight and its rate has stabilized above the 1 EUR level. At the moment, one "Dukasowa coin" it is valued at EUR 1,04.

dukascoin price

Chart DUK + from 18 February to 4 in March 2019

Interest-bearing coins

Dukascoin owners can sell them or buy more on the market. They can also withdraw Dukascoins from the bank to their external blockchain portfolios. People who decide to store them in the Bank will be able to receive Deposit Award from this title. Its height will depend on the total amount of coins held in accordance with the table below. The more cryptocurrencies of the broker we have, the more we will get them "Extra".

Minimum deposit in coins The amount of the DUK + deposit per year
100 5%
250 10%
500 20%
750 30%
1`000 40%
2`000 50%
3`000 60%
4`000 70%
5`000 80%
7`500 90%
10`000 100%

The offer applies to deposits made in the first year. The Bank may extend or withhold the monetary incentive reward program at any time, which it may consider to be reasonable, without affecting the previously accumulated deposits. The cash deposit reward will be paid in Dukascoins. Additional terms will be announced at a later date.


It is worth recalling that deposits at Dukascopy Bank are covered by the Swiss guarantee fund in 100% up to the amount 100 000 CHF. The Bank will regularly organize independent audits to verify the correctness of Dukascoins releases. These inspection visits will ensure compliance of the number of open MCA accounts and the number of Dukascoins issued for this period in accordance with the Airdrop ICO concept.

The new Duskacoin tokens will use the proven ERC20 protocol, an Ethereum-based solution that is most often used by companies creating their own virtual coins, without developing and implementing their own technology.

Detailed information on the ICO can be found on the dedicated page as well as in the document Dukascoin Whitepaper (download PDF).


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